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Bound - 2019

Bound sculpture and poem in response to
the Batsford Prize Competition: 'Being Human'
Bound - main.jpg
Bound - close up 2.jfif
Bound - close up 1.jfif
umbilically joined,
DNA binds the nature.
then at the outset, nurtured,
cultural experiences woven,
societal structures set,
lives framed; humans hardwired.
while supported, boundaries
pushed, explored, experimented,
tested, questioned, learnt.
destined in the wider world,
secured by values instilled,
protected by rules and laws,
layers of understanding wrapped.
limited by physicality and
knowledge, glass barriers hit,
restraints challenged,
breakouts attempted, then
youthful thinking inhibited.
harnessed by relationships,
emotional webs, complexities.
cracks appear; locked in roles, the
context of being human weighs heavily.
prisoners of accelerating time;
paralysing, suffocating.
only at the end cut loose,
when bound mortality
becomes immortal freedom.
Mandy English
Further experimental interpretations
Twisted rope.jfif
Rope 2.jfif
Slumped basket.jpg

For further information, please contact Mandy on email using the Contact page, thank you.

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