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stripes - 2020

Warming or climate stripes have inspired this design, which has been applied to a re-imagined amphora in response to our need to re-imagine our world economy in relation to climate change. 
Stripes - left.jpg
Stripes - right.jpg
Stripes - back.jpg
Warming or climate stripes (above) show how the world has increased in temperature since 1850.  They were created by Professor Ed Hawkins, climate change scientist at the University of Reading in May 2018, who used statistical data to provide a simple visual communication about long-term trends.  Please visit this website for more information:
Mandy's re-imagined amphora is made from earthstone clay and two coats of underglaze colours have been applied using masking techniques.  Work is once-fired in an electric kiln, powered by renewable energy.
w x h = 16 x 32 cm, weight 2.8kg
£ Donation to Ripple Africa accepted

stripes in other
re-imagined works

Jug vase.jpg
Jug vase - left.JPG
Jug vase - right.JPG
Jug vase - re-imagine.JPG
Jug vase - detail.JPG
Jug vase - base.JPG
w x h = 19 x 25 cm, weight = 1.1kg
Vase pot.jpg
Vase pot - top.JPG
Vase pot - back.JPG
Vase pot - base.JPG
Vase pot - right.JPG
Vase pot - re-imagined.JPG
w x h = 20 x 12 cm, weight = 880g
Please contact Mandy if you'd like to make a purchase.
10% of any revenues are donated to Ripple Africa
Mandy's re-imagined works are made of stoneware clay with striped designs, created using masking techniques and brush-on glazes.  Work is once-fired to stoneware in an electric kiln, powered by renewable energy.
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