Ribbons & rings - 2020

Collection of vessels which have been re-imagined, inspired by the need to re-imagine our world economy in relation to climate change. 
£60          h = 11 cm 
£75         h = 16 cm
£50          h = 11 cm
£60          h = 14 cm
h = 16 cm
h = 11 cm 
h = 15 cm
L = 12-18 cm, H = 6 cm
Mandy creates rings by deconstructing thrown vessels and uses hand-building techniques to twist them into ribbons to re-imagine new forms.  Half rings are added to vessels and used to create platters.  The striped designs, using masking techniques, reduce the use of glaze, while giving her audience a direct connection with the raw material.  Work is once-fired to stoneware in an electric kiln, powered by renewable energy.
Please contact Mandy if you'd like to make a purchase
- 10% of any revenues are donated to Ripple Africa  
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