christmas 2020

Buy one of my Christmas Tree Decorations to help me help Ripple Africa to reduce deforestation in Malawi. I have a target of £250 to reach - these are just £10 each including UK p&p with ALL PROCEEDS to this amazing UK Charity!
Email me payment via PayPal (log in or sign up) at Please say if you would like a dark blue or pale blue (see photos) heart or star, give me your address and it’ll be yours as a reminder of your donation on your tree every year.
Last post is Friday 18th December.
All work is high quality and carefully once-fired to reduce energy in my electric kiln. The striped designs expose the clay to give you a connection with the raw material. Front is raw glazed, reverse is textured (see below) and you can hear the singing sound ceramic makes as it brushes the pine needles. 
 For a personal plea see my video on YouTube (under 2 mins!) and you can see more posts and follow me on my Instagram account @mandyenglishceramics!
I would also recommend reading more on Ripple Africa's website about their extensive project work I discovered, when researching climate change for my dissertation this year, that gives a hand UP, not a hand out.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas.
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