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christmas 2020

Christmas Tree Decorations fundraiser for Ripple Africa
to reduce deforestation in Malawi and help climate change.
Total raised £546 - ALL proceeds given to the charity.
Sales by word of mouth and at 3 days St Albans Saturday Market Sept/Dec.
Payment via email (PayPal) and card (iZettle), either posted or sold direct.
Decorations still available on request - see Contact.
All work is high quality and carefully once-fired to reduce energy in Mandy's electric kiln.
The striped designs expose the clay to give you a direct connection with the raw material. Front is raw glazed, reverse is textured (see below) and you can hear the singing sound ceramic makes as it brushes the pine needles on your Christmas Tree. 
Special requests/commissions for decorations accepted - see Contact.
White porcelain textured hearts also available.
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